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Quality Policy

Primary goal of the Quality Management System of ARTIA  &  PARTNERS  S. A. is the creation of a basis for the constant improvement of the efficiency of its processes, always guided by the continuous satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties to the fullest extent possible.

For the implementation of the above, management persistently supports and applies the basic principles and rules that govern the Quality Management System of the Company by establishing objective goals for Quality, based on the undivided and constructive cooperation of both its employees and its partners.

Quality policy primarily expresses issues such as:

  • Management's commitment to the requirements of the Quality System

  • Management's commitment to continuous improvement

  • The appropriate framework for setting targets for quality

  • A clear definition of the requirements and expectations of the parties recognised as interested parties and the measurement of their satisfaction.

  • Identifying the potential risks arising from the company's activities and taking measures to prevent/address them.

  • The correlation of objectives with the expectations of all stakeholders recognized as customers

  • The correlation of the objectives with the expectations of all the scientific staff of the Company.

The quality policy is transferred to the company's workforce with actions such as:

  • Training / orientation

  • Consistent implementation of quality decisions 


The overall application of the System’s principles is ensured through the continuous information and training of staff at all levels, with the main purpose of creating the relevant awareness of the aims and philosophy of the System and the continuous enrichment and expansion of Operational knowledge.

The System’s principles as well as the objectives for quality, are reviewed at regular intervals by the Company Management in order to adapt to the new needs and developments of the market, the legislative requirements and the achievement of the goal for continuous improvement of the company's operations.

The Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to meet the needs, as they arise and are shaped by the existing situations, to its maximum capacity.

All departments of ARTIA & PARTNERS S.A. bear the responsibility to respond, assimilate and implement the procedures required by the Quality System through their daily activities.

It is also the responsibility of the Management of ARTIA  &  PARTNERS  S. A. to ensure that the Quality Policy is notified, comprehended and applicable to all the company's human resources, with the ultimate goal of continuous, steady growth of its business activity with a firm commitment to its principles and the continuous offer to its customers of highest quality products and services.

Date: 03/01/2023

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